Summary of The GW27 Preview Thread

Best Hwang replacements; Chip strategies – how to navigate blank GW29? Best Bournemouth picks for double GW28; Captaincy; and more GW27 questions answered

Fellow FPL Manager,

Today’s email summarizes The GW27 Preview Thread, answering the key questions going into the gameweek.

Don’t forget to vote in the captain poll at the end of the email. While Haaland is the standout pick (again), I’m curious if any of you are putting the armband on someone else. Perhaps some United fans don’t want to captain a player who is playing against them?

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Q) We have the FA Cup results – how do we navigate GW29? What are the best chip strategies?

GW29 will most likely require a chip (either WC27/28 or FH29). However, there is no “optimal” strategy that all teams can follow.

Assuming no hits, most teams that have not used a FH or a WC will be able to field 6-7 players at best.

Option 1: FH29

  • A very conservative estimate that you will likely gain at least 10 points by fielding extra players and avoiding hits.

  • Further gain will be made in the transfers leading up to GW29. Attacking GW28 by loading up on Bournemouth for their double GW despite their blank in GW29.

  • You don’t have to transfer in GW29 players who are unnecessary for the long term.

Option 2: WC GW27/28

  • Would help you set up for double GW28 and blank GW29 without needing to FH in GW29.

  • Great on paper as it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. However, the early WC is entirely dependent on the doubles landing as projected (they don’t always land as projected). Risky option to plan for unconfirmed doubles.

  • The early WC might cause challenges to plan for Bench Boost in GW37.

Q) Is it fine to commit to using a WC in 27/28 followed by a FH in GW29?

It is probably too early to commit to using a WC in 27/28 followed by a FH in GW29. There are merits to use both chips immediately but the risk is likely too great.

It’s important to keep one of these chips for the longer term. We will have a lot more clarity on how the doubles in GW34/37 will look before the GW30 deadline.

The short term gain of using both immediately likely won’t outweigh the risks of having little to fall back on if any Cup upsets occur.

Q) Who are the best Hwang replacements?

Son is the best Hwang replacement.

Buying Son keeps you flexible regardless of your chip strategy. Great fixture this week and one of the best confirmed fixtures in GW29.

Son is a better pick than Bowen. Spurs are a more attacking side and have better fixtures than West Ham.

Q) Who are the best Bournemouth players to own for double GW28?

Solanke + Neto + Bournemouth defender is the current preference for the double GW28.

Solanke picks himself.

Neto has haul potential. Keepers can be explosive in DGWs as they get extra points for saves.

Avoid Senesi in defence as he has 8 yellow cards and is nearing a potential suspension. Zabarnyi and Kerkez are other good alternatives who should start both games.

Q) Best captain this week?

Haaland and Saka are the standout picks this week. Haaland probably has the edge (as expected).

Haaland is comfortably the favourite to score anytime this week. Playing against a Man Utd team full of defensive injuries.

Both City and Arsenal are expected to score a similar number of goals, but Haaland is more likely to play a full 90 than Saka, who recently tends to be subbed early if the game is already won.

Q) Estupinan – keep or sell?

If Lamptey is not fit, keep Estupinan. If Lamptey is fit, sell Estupinan.

If selling, who you buy as Estupinan’s replacement is dependent on your chip strategy.

If you want to keep options open and plan to WC later on, the buy an Arsenal defender.

If you are looking to WC around GW30/31, then buy a Bournemouth defender

Who are YOU captaining in GW27?

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