Summary of The GW29 Preview FREE HIT SPECIAL

Best GW29 Free Hit team; Best Free Hit differentials to own; Which players to prioritize if not on Free Hit; Whether or not to Free Hit? And more GW29 questions answered

Fellow FPL Manager,

Today’s email summarizes The GW29 Preview Thread - FREE HIT SPECIAL, answering the key questions going into the gameweek.

Last week over 75% of readers captained Solanke for his DGW only for him to start the double with a massive 0 points and a penalty miss (classic FPL)… good thing he scored in the 2nd game. A massive shoutout to Tom, the 1 reader who captained Son, you definitely got a green arrow! Lots of great options in this week’s captain poll, especially since most of us will be playing our Free Hit.

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Q) What is the best GW29 Free Hit team & why?

GK: Flekken as Brentford are the bookies favourite for a clean sheet this week. Burnley are ranked 19th for xG and struggle in front of goal.

Def: Doughty, Porro and Reguilon. The most attacking defenders available.

  • Doughty: only behind TAA, Trippier, and Porro for expected assists among defenders. One of the most nailed selections in my FH team.

  • Porro: tempted to go with 3x Spurs attack but the drop off from Porro to the next best defender is too steep. A great attacking pick.

  • Reguilon: expected to be fit. On set pieces and Brentford have the highest odds of keeping a clean sheet this week.

Mid: Son, Maddison, Bowen, Gibbs-White

  • Son/Maddison/Bowen: Obvious selections. No explanation needed.

  • Gibbs-White: standout Forest player for expected mins and is on penalties. Playing Luton who are ranked worst in the league for xG per 90 conceded

Fwd: Watkins, Toney, Morris

  • Watkins/Toney: Obvious selections. No explanation needed.

  • Morris: Luton’s talisman and penalty taker.

Q) Where are the areas where one can differentiate on a GW29 Free Hit? And how much to differentiate on the FH?

Keep it simple and don’t deviate too much from the template. The use of the Free Hit chip alone should almost certainly result in a rise in rank.

Realistically, only 3 spots in your team to differentiate from: the Flekken, Gibbs-White and Morris slots because there are viable alternatives (more details below).

Q) Best differentials to own on GW29 Free Hit?

Sels (GK), Martinez (GK), Roerslev/Collins (Def), Elanga (Mid), Bailey (Mid), Johnson (Mid), Paqueta (Mid), Wissa (Fwd), Muniz (Fwd)

GK Differentials:

  • Sels: Forest are ranked second in terms of being the most likely team to keep a clean sheet this week.

  • Martinez: could possibly get a penalty save - which can often be the case with him!

Def Differentials:

  • Collins: Goal threat from set pieces.

  • Roerslev: outside chance of featuring as a wing back which would enhance his attacking potential.

Mid Differentials

  • Elanga: expected to start vs. Luton. 7 big chances in the previous 6 GWs. Best stats from all Forest attackers.

  • Bailey: averaging nearly a return a game in the previous 6 games.

  • Johnson: expected to start and Spurs are projected to score the highest number of goals this GW.

  • Paqueta: on penalties for West Ham.

Fwd Differentials

  • Wissa: expected to partner Toney in a 4-4-2, should have plenty of chances against Burnley.

  • Muniz: in great form. Since his first start in GW33, only behind Haaland and Watkins for big chances among forwards.

Q) Which players to prioritize if not on a Free Hit?

If not on a FH, prioritize Son, Maddison, Porro, and Toney.

Son, Maddison, and Porro are the optimal 3 from Spurs whether or not on a FH. Worth taking hits to get them. Spurs also play Luton at home next GW.

Toney has the highest points potential after Son this week. Prioritize getting him this week.

Q) Who is the best GW29 captain?

Son is the best GW29 captain.

Playing as a forward but classified as a mid. On penalties and Spurs are expected to score the highest number of goals this GW. The most likely player to return anytime.

Q) Should excessive hits be taken to save the Free Hit for Gameweek 34?

Do NOT take excessive hits to save the FH for GW34. If you are struggling to put an 11 out, then use the FH chip this week.

Most teams will struggle to field more than 7-8 players and some of those will be suboptimal picks (no offence to Alphonse Areola and Charlie Taylor).

You should gain at least 10 points by playing a FH and avoiding hits, a very conservative estimate too.

A GW29 Free Hit will guarantee gains unlike a GW34 FH. If FH-ing in GW34, there is no assurance that the non-FH team won’t outscore the FH team since the teams doubling will most likely be less popular. A lot depends on fixtures which we do not have clarity on yet.

Q) Do we need a Salah plan in GW30/31?

Best to wait until closer to the time to make the decision. Fitness dependent.

Salah is not a necessity in GW30 as he is not the optimal captain pick. Spurs play Luton in GW30 at home.

If he is fully fit, it might make sense to buy him in GW31 when Liverpool play Sheffield at home but this is also a mid-week game and could have rotation.

It’s best to remain flexible and to buy him in GW31 if needed. Let’s wait and see.

Who are YOU captaining in GW29?

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