Summary of The GW32 Preview

Captaincy – Haaland v Salah v Son v Palmer; How does Double GW35 change plans? How to bounce back from a tough GW? Foden, Richarlison, Saka, Haaland; And more GW32 questions answered

Fellow FPL Manager,

Today’s email summarizes The GW32 Preview Thread, answering the key questions going into the gameweek.

90% of us in our newsletter community captained Salah last GW - not easy watching him get subbed off at 59 minutes with a massive 1 pointer. Good thing that this GW is already here and we can forget about that.

This week’s captain decision is probably the toughest decision of the gameweek and could result in major swings. Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end of the email. My armband is on Salah (again) but could change before the deadline!

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Q) Who is the best captain this week – Haaland, Salah, Son or Palmer?

Very tough decision this week - somewhat of a lottery. I prefer Salah, Haaland, and Son over Palmer due to non-pen xGi per 90 data.

This is probably the most difficult call this GW. Liverpool, Spurs, Man City and Chelsea are projected to score a very similar number of goals this week.

As things stand, my armband is on Salah because of Man Utd’s injury crisis in defence. This decision might change before the deadline though.

Trust your gut this week. Good luck!

Q) How to bounce back if you’ve had a rough Gameweek?

Don’t feel left out - a lot of us are in the same boat. Still lots of opportunities.

There was a lot of variance last GW because of the different routes managers took to get Salah (lots of people sold Foden, including myself). This is just part of the game.

On the positive side, the next GW is already here.

Q) How does the announcement of Double GW35 change plans?

If you still have your wildcard left, GW35 is the time to play it.

Spurs and Chelsea now double in GW35 and will likely have a double in GW37 too. Use your wildcard to load up on their assets.

While the fixtures for Spurs and Chelsea in DGW35 aren’t as good as they would have been if the double landed in GW36, the volume of fixtures that they have from GW35 onwards justifies buying their assets.

Wildcarding in GW35 also allows you to load up on Man Utd and Newcastle assets who have great fixtures in GW35 and double in GW37.

Q) Is it time for Foden’s sellers to buy back?

Not worth buying Foden back. Target players who double in GW34 instead.

While Foden could haul again, he is still a rotation risk given the Champions League fixture against Real Madrid.

It’s better to focus on targeting double GW34 players from now on in.

Q) Should FPL managers be concerned about Haaland & Saka?

Don’t be concerned about Haaland and Saka. Both excellent assets to own.

Saka is expected to play against Brighton given the importance of the fixture and that he has trained for 3 days now.

Haaland is simply too good a player to miss out for long.

Q) Why is saving a transfer important if you can this week?

Save the transfer if you can. Will go a long way in the weeks to come.

Having 2 free transfers for GW33 when Liverpool play Palace or in the GW34 double could be critical.

There are not too many pressing transfers to make this week (team dependent of course), so saving the transfer will allow you much more flexibility in the weeks to come.

Q) What to do with Richarlison – who are the best replacements?

Sell Richarlison. Luis Diaz and Sarabia are the best replacements.

Richarlison’s injury makes him a sell. He is likely to miss this weekend’s fixture and isn’t a guarantee for next week.

If you have the funds, buy Diaz for Liverpool’s double in GW34. If not, Sarabia is the obvious replacement.

Sarabia will likely be on most set pieces and will have a double in GW34.

Who are YOU captaining in GW32?

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Best of luck in GW32,

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