Summary of The GW33 Preview

Best Liverpool players to own for DGW34? Double Arsenal attack or defence? Which Palace and Wolves players to target? WC35 options? And more GW33 questions answered

Fellow FPL Manager,

Today’s email summarizes The GW33 Preview Thread, answering the key questions going into the gameweek.

Don’t forget to vote in the captain poll at the end of the email - City playing Luton at home probably means Haaland will be the overwhelming favourite. Last week, 43% of readers captained Salah and 28% captained Palmer.

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Q) As of now, who are the best three Liverpool players to own in double GW34?

At the moment, Salah and Van Dijk are the best two. The 3rd pick is between Darwin and Diaz.

Salah for obvious reasons and Van Dijk for the security of minutes.

Liverpool’s packed fixture schedule makes expected minutes very important at this point in the season. VVD has a great fixture this week and is the most secure Liverpool defender for minutes in the double.

The 3rd pick is between Darwin and Diaz. Tricky to call because expected minutes are tough to guess. Darwin has superior data over the season but did play for 60 mins against Atalanta (compared to Diaz who came on for him).

Q) Double Arsenal defence v double Arsenal attack – which is better?

You cannot go wrong with either. However, in a one-off DGW there is more upside with double attack.

Double Arsenal defence has been incredible. Arsenal are the best team for xG conceded this season and have only conceded 4 goals in 11 games this calendar year which is a staggering statistic.

However, for the double gameweek, I think I’d go chasing the upside with double attack. Havertz is the best player to pair with Saka.

Havertz is preferred to Odegaard because he has a higher ceiling with his goal threat. His non-penalty xG is much better than Odegaard’s.

Q) Which Palace & Wolves players to target for GW34?

Palace players should be a higher priority than Wolves players for the double. Eze would be my primary target for DGW34.

The main appeal of Wolves players was the fixtures leading into the double, but when you look at the double - Palace have better DGW34 fixtures than Wolves.

Eze is the best Palace player to own. Playing 2 home fixtures against West Ham and Newcastle who have both struggled defensively. 

Depending on your team structure, Olise and Mateta can be good picks too.

Henderson would also be the GK of choice. Palace have a higher chance of keeping a clean sheet than the likes of Everton and Wolves.

Not a huge fan of Ait Nouri. I struggle to see a clean sheet for Wolves in any of the next 3 fixtures.

Q) How to tackle the Pep roulette this week? What to do with Haaland & Foden? Who is the best (c)?

As things stand, Haaland is the best captain pick this week. A lot will depend on early team leaks.

Haaland is the most likely anytime goalscorer this week and Man City are projected to score the highest number of goals. Significant upside.

I expect Haaland to start, but if we hear a leak that he is benched, then I would switch to Salah captain.

If Haaland is benched, then Darwin or Toney would be the best replacements for those WCing in GW35. Darwin preferred over Toney.

Foden is also leaks dependent. If he is benched, then sell him for an Arsenal mid or Eze if you do not have a slot for an Arsenal mid.

If Foden starts, he is actually a good buy for those without a WC left as City have a double in GW37 and play Luton this week.

If you have 2 FTs with not much to do and are WCing in GW35, buying Foden this week and moving him to Eze next week is a good move (if we get a leak that he starts).

Q) What transfers to make if you’re FHing in GW34?

If you are FHing in GW34, target getting players from teams that double in GW37.

Spurs & Chelsea have back to back doubles, they would be top of my list.

Also look at players from Man United, Man City, Newcastle & Brighton as they are also scheduled to play twice in GW37.

Q) Should non Free Hitters save a transfer this week?

If there are no pressing issues in your team, save the transfer this GW. Will allow flexibility should any injuries occur before DGW34.

The goal should be to get as close as possible to the GW34 Free Hit teams and saving a transfer would go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.

Q) Initial thoughts on how your FH34 would look like?

If I was making a GW34 FH team this week, it would be this (packed with 11 doublers):

Q) Initial thoughts on how your WC35 draft would look like?

Here is my early stab at a GW35 WC:

Q) Why no Salah and Saka in the GW35 WC draft?

Salah and Saka are not in my WC35 draft to allow a strong 15 for Bench Boost in GW37. Focusing on the doubles.

Salah is not a captain pick GW35, 36 or 37 so I am okay to go without in my GW35 wildcard.

Q) Why is the idea of a Wildcard in GW35 so appealing?

  • Six doublers in GW35

  • Triple United (BUR) + triple Newcastle (SHU) before their double in 37

  • With 2 FTs in GW37, 15 doublers for the BB in 37 is a real possibility

Q) Bench Boost in GW34 or GW37?

Bench Boost in GW37.

Irrespective of your WC/FH strategy, BB in GW37 is the obvious play. Very possible to get 15 doublers in GW37 given that funds for Salah won’t be needed.

BB 34 is much harder to pull off with Spurs blanking.

Who are YOU captaining in GW33?

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