Summary of The GW35 Preview - WILDCARD SPECIAL

Must own players on a WC and who to target if you have no WC left; double Arsenal defence on a WC? KDB? Spurs Mids? And more GW35 questions answered.

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Today’s email summarizes The GW35 Preview Thread - WILDCARD SPECIAL, answering the key questions going into another double gameweek.

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Q) Who are the must have players to own on the Wildcard?

  • Mids: Cole Palmer, Heung Min Son, Phil Foden, Anthony Gordon and Bruno Fernandes should be locked in.

    • All are completely nailed with doubles to come.

  • Fwds: Erling Haaland, Alexandar Isak and Nicolas Jackson

    • Isak: incredible form with a great fixture this GW followed by the double.

    • Jackson: despite missing big chances, he still averages an attacking return every 2 games and has a double.

    • Haaland: with no concrete news on his fitness, I recommend picking him. In my XI and will likely be my captain in GW36 if fit.

Q) Which goalkeepers are best to select on the Wildcard and why?

Ederson and Petrović are the best GKs on a wildcard.

Ederson is the most nailed in the City backline. I don’t trust any City defenders for back-to-back starts in double GW37.

Similar to Ederson, I'm not convinced any Chelsea defenders are secure to start all games till GW37, which works in Petrovic's favour.

Q) Double Arsenal defence worth selecting on Wildcard?

Double Arsenal defence is worth selecting on a Wildcard. Gabriel and White are the best combination.

Arsenal are the best team for xG conceded this season. Despite a relatively tough fixture away to Man Utd in GW37 (when everyone will be bench-boosting), they have favourable fixtures in GW36 &38.

Will likely be outscored by other defenders in GW37 but overall you should win on points until GW38.

Q) Should KDB be an option for Wildcarders?

KDB could be an interesting differential, but there is no room with the WC midfield locked in.

KDB is very expensive which means you’ll have to make compromises in your team to fit him in. Also is prone to getting subbed around the 70th min and is more of an assist threat than a goal threat.

Q) Thoughts on Spurs mids/Richarlison worth considering?

Very tough question. Might be worth keeping a spare Spurs slot for a possible Richarlison punt in DGW37 and just sticking to Son and Porro for now.

While Maddison should start both in the double, he has been woefully out of form with poor stats. Not convinced the slightest, especially at his price.

Johnson is more appealing at his price, but seems to be one poor performance away from being dropped.

Richarlison is the one I like most (other than Son), but not from this week. Hasn’t started in 3 months so I double he’ll play both in the double.

Keep a spare Spurs slot in the WC team for a potential Richarlison punt in double GW37. He should be match fit by then.

Q) Why are Salah/Saka not in the Wildcard team?

Salah and Saka are compromises to get a strong 15 for Bench Boost in GW37. Better to attack the doubles and lots of excellent midfield picks.

Salah is also not a captain pick in GWs 35, 36, and 37.

Q) Anyone from Brighton worth considering?

Not worth considering anyone from Brighton.

Joao Pedro could be a decent pick but the frontline of Jackson, Isak and Haaland is pretty much locked in. Could also be rotated since De Zerbi is known for making random changes.

Fixtures are tough from a defensive standpoint. Not worth picking any Brighton defenders.

Q) What should the strategy be for non Wildcarders? Who should they buy/sell?

For non-WCers, target Son, Palmer, Bruno, Isak and Jackson this week.

Worth making a Saka to Son transfer and a Darwin to Isak or Jackson transfer.

Q) Best captain?

Cole Palmer.

Chelsea are projected to score the highest number of goals this GW. Palmer is the safest choice.

Palmer’s non-pen xGi per 90 is slightly better than Son with better fixtures too.

Who are YOU captaining in double GW35?

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