Summary of The GW36 Preview

Benching dilemmas; What to do with Maddison and Ederson? Schar replacements? and more GW36 questions answered.

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Today’s email summarizes The GW36 Preview Thread, answering the key questions going into the gameweek.

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Q) Solve the big benching dilemma – Jackson, Son, Gordon or Bruno Fernandes?

Tough decision. I will be benching one of Son, Bruno or Gordon. Starting Jackson in my team.

Each of Son, Bruno, and Gordon have reasons to play or bench. It comes down to personal preference.

  • Son: on penalties. On paper has the most difficult fixture but one can argue Liverpool are broken at the moment.

  • Gordon: incredible fixture. Burnley are 19th for xGc from set pieces and Gordon is on set pieces with Trippier out.

  • Bruno: on set-pieces and penalties but is playing Palace who are in great form. He might be an injury doubt too - if there is a doubt over his minutes, this will solve the benching dilemma.

Q) Why is it so important to save a transfer this week?

Highly recommend saving a transfer this week. Will go a long way for the rest of the season.

Saving the transfer will put you in a great position to address anything that comes up before your Bench Boost in GW37 or any random benching in GW38.

Q) What to do with Ederson if we assume that he misses out this week?

Do not sell Ederson. Play him and hope he starts.

Ederson is back in training and should be find for the remainder of the season.

Play him and if he doesn’t start, your sub keeper will come on. City are favourites for a clean sheet this week - worth starting him and hoping for the best.

Q) Should KDB be considered?

KDB could be an interesting differential, but there is no room with the current midfield template.

KDB is very expensive which means you’ll have to make compromises in your team to fit him in. Also is prone to getting subbed around the 70th min and is more of an assist threat than a goal threat.

Q) What to do if Schar is injured? Who is the best defender to get this week?

Gvardiol is the best Schar replacement. If you do not have a spare City slot, get an Arsenal defender for Schar. Burn is the best budget replacement.

Gvardiol is the best replacement because of the number of fixtures City have. Most of the fixtures are ones where you’d expect a City clean sheet too.

My second preference is an Arsenal defender. Gabriel is the best pick followed by White (preferred over Saliba due to better underlying stats).

Arsenal are the best team for xG conceded this season. Despite a relatively tough fixture away to Man Utd in GW37 (when everyone will be bench-boosting), they have favourable fixtures in GW36 & 38.

If you don’t have funds to upgrade, Burn is the best replacement which could open up some cash savings too.

Q) What to do with Maddison/Richarlison worth considering?

If you can, save the transfer and bench Maddison this week. Richarlison worth considering from next GW.

Most Maddison owners will have a strong bench. Save the transfer and bench him this week with the plan to buy Richarlison for him in GW37.

Richarlison should be up to full match fitness by then and if he plays as a striker, he could be an incredible differential to own vs. Burnley at home in GW37 and Sheffield in GW38.

Q) Is Saka worth buying?

Might be better to avoid Saka and attack the doubles in GW37. Lots of great midfield picks.

Tough decision but Saka is probably a better buy in GW38 before he plays Everton at home after the doubles are done.

Q) Is this a week to go for a differential captain? Who is the best captain this week?

Haaland is my captain. The standout choice.

Favourite to score anytime this GW. Very hard to go against Haaland when he plays a non-top-six team at home.

If you are chasing, GW37 and 38 will be better windows to look for a differential captain pick.

Who are YOU captaining in GW36?

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