Summary of The GW37 Preview - BENCH BOOST SPECIAL

What to do with Bruno? The best differentials to gain ground on rivals? The best Maguire/Van Hecke/Schar replacements? Keep Saka or sell for a double GWer? And more GW37 questions answered.

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Today’s email summarizes The GW37 Preview Thread - BENCH BOOST SPECIAL, answering the key questions going into a massive double gameweek.

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Q) What to do with Bruno Fernandes?

If fit, Bruno isn’t a must sell by any means. If unfit or if you have a free transfer with no pressing concerns, Richarlison is a great option.

Despite incredibly poor form, United are expected to score against Arsenal and Newcastle. If so, there is a good chance Bruno might be involved (if fit).

If Bruno is unfit or if you have an extra transfer, Richarlison is an excellent pick. Not entirely confident that he will start both matches in the double, but he should start against Burnley which is the main fixture to focus on.

Richarlison is the perfect differential:

  • 2.9% owned

  • Playing as a #9, but listed as a mid in the game

  • Double GW

  • Burnley (GW37) and Sheffield (GW38) to come

  • 1st for xGi per 90 among Spurs players

Q) Who are the best Maguire/Van Hecke/Schar replacements?

In order:

  1. Gvardiol if you have the £ & a City slot available

  2. Burn

  3. Gabriel, White, Saliba in that order

  4. Krafth

  5. Cucurella

  6. Romero (Ideally prefer a Spurs slot for Richarlison)

  7. Tarkowski

  8. Dunk

Q) Who are the best differentials to gain ground over your rivals?

Richarlison, De Bruyne, Salah are the best differentials to consider.

Richarlison as mentioned above is an excellent differential for the rest of the season.

KDB will be great for those on a Free Hit since it will be difficult to afford him for FPL managers Bench Boosting in GW37.

Another opportunity to gain rank is to captain Salah in GW38 with his ownership likely relatively low.

Q) Keep double Arsenal defence on Bench Boost?

Worth keeping double Arsenal defence even on Bench Boost.

Despite only having one fixture, I like the idea of keeping double Arsenal defence on Bench Boost due to lack of alternatives that appeal in defence.

Arsenal are the most likely team to keep in clean sheet in GW38. Worth holding onto the Arsenal defenders.

Q) Keep Saka or sell for a double GWer?

Keep Saka. Great fixture this week then plays Everton at home next week.

Despite not having a double, keeping Saka is better than swapping him in and out.

Q) What to do with Gusto?

If you have no fires to put out, sell Gusto. Not worth selling Gusto for a hit.

Difficult to see Gusto starting both fixtures in the double (he just returned from injury) but with slim pickings in defence it doesn’t make sense to sell him for a hit.

Q) Worth selling Ederson to get Gvardiol through two free transfers?

Not worth selling Ederson to get Gvardiol through 2 FTs.

Hard to rationalize using 2 transfers for this as it limits flexibility for GW38.

Q) Is it worth planning for Salah in GW38? What are my early transfer plans?

Funding Salah for GW38 isn’t an absolute necessity. Focus on your GW37 transfer plans.

The likes of Saka, Foden, Richarlison and Son all have great points potential in GW38. Haaland stands out as the optimal captain in GW38. Funding Salah isn’t an absolute necessity.

Q) Buy Gordon or Richarlison this week?

Richarlison preferred to Gordon.

Expecting similar points in GW37 from both but Richarlison’s GW38 fixture is so much better.

Q) I have tripled up on Spurs. Who do I sell Bruno for if he is unfit?

If you have 3x Spurs and Bruno is injured, Saka is the best replacement.

Saka has a great fixture against an out-of-sorts Man Utd this week and then plays Everton at home next week.

Despite no DGW, buying Saka now saves a transfer next week as well.

Q) Keep or sell Dalot?

Sell Dalot for Gvardiol if you have the cash and a City slot available. Otherwise, keep Dalot.

Not too many great defensive picks for the DGW. Might not be enough upside in the alternatives to justify selling Dalot (other than Gvardiol).

Save the transfer for next week.

Q) Is saving a transfer important this week?

GW37 should be the priority, irrespective of whether or not it involves saving a transfer this week.

First priority should be optimizing your team for this week.

Having said that, saving a transfer would be very beneficial if you are in a position to do so. Would give you maximum flexibility to address any pressing concerns in GW38.

Q) Keep or sell Maddison? Worth selling to Richarlison for a hit?

Not worth selling Maddison for Richarlison for a hit.

Maddison is expected to start the Burnley game in GW37 and his spot for the City game will depend on his performance vs. Burnley.

Richarlison is preferred to Maddison due to superior goal threat, but is not worth selling for a hit with little time left in the season for the hit to pay off.

Q) Best Free Hit team for GW37?

GK: Vicario
Def: Burn, Porro, Gvardiol
Mid: Foden, Gordon, Son, Palmer
FWD: Isak, Jackson, Haaland

Jackson + Gvardiol could be KDB + Cucurella (in a 3-4-3) if you're chasing and feel like taking more risks.

Q) Best Newcastle/Brighton defenders to buy? Is Trippier an option?

Burn is the best Newcastle defender to own, Krafth is next in preference, Trippier is someone I wouldn’t consider.

Burn is the most reliable Newcastle defender for security of starts and is my Newcastle defender of choice. Krafth is also a good pick as his mins should be relatively safe with Schar injured.

I would not consider Trippier. Might not start both games in the double and his fixtures aren’t good enough to justify the premium price.

Dunk is the only defender I’d consider from Brighton as he’s secure for starts. However, De Zerbi is often unpredictable with team selections so it might not warrant the extra rotation risk.

Q) Who is the best captain this week and who are the best alternatives?

Haaland is the best captain pick (again). Son and Isak are the next best alternatives but I wouldn’t recommend going against Haaland this week.

Haaland is comfortably the favourite to return anytime in the double. City are going all out for the title and Haaland is going for the Golden Boot. The clear standout pick.

If you must look elsewhere, Son and Isak are the next best options.

Who are YOU thinking of captaining?

Who are YOU captaining in double GW37?

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